Professional Paint Correction, Clear Bra Installation & CQuartz Finest on Porsche in Atlanta

A few months ago we received a call from a Porsche owner in Auburn Alabama. He expressed that his 7,xxx mile 991 Porsche 911 Carrera S had intensive paint swirls and wanted a permanent solution. Longterm ease of maintenance and the best protection available was of prime importance. After a thorough consultation, the owner decided to have us perform paint correction to repair the swirl marks, installation of paint protection film clear bra on the whole exterior and then have it all capped off with CQuartz Finest.

Initially, the owner was wanting paint correction. But with paint correction comes specific needs in terms of typical car washes and even the detailing. By adding clear bra, he provided himself with an additional buffer between his perfected paint and the elements. Not being from Atlanta meant that he could not swing by quickly for any short term needs. Taking advantage of a thorough car detailing, paint correction, clear bra installation and CQuartz Finest application would have his car buttoned up for years.

With only 7,xxx miles on the car, it can be difficult to comprehend the level of damage the car already had. But like many, he was not aware of how to properly wash and dry their car before the service. After the detailing, paint correction, clear bra and CQuartz Finest application, we spent time with him reviewing proper car care chemicals, tools and washing and drying methods. While we made the wash clinic available to him, he has not been able to return to Atlanta yet to take advantage of our training.

Without further adieu, the damage before we began the paint correction.

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As we outline in our article Why Detailed Designs Auto Spa Should Be Your Choice For Clear Bra In Atlanta we offer something other clear bra shops in Atlanta can’t. We can perform industry leading paint correction prior to clear bra installation. You’ve seen how much damage this Porsche Carrera S had prior to our paint correction. Now take a look at the paint post-paint correction but before clear bra was installed.

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The Porsche has now received an awesome paint correction service and it’s ready for a quality clear bra installation on every exterior panel and CQuartz Finest over all of the film.

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Atlanta PPF installation
PPF atlanta clear bra

A few final car detailing touches prior to it being finished

Porsche exterior car care AtlantaPorsche exterior detailing AtlantaProfessional car detailing Atlanta

The final product; car detailing, paint correction, clear bra installation and CQuartz Finest application.

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When it was said and done, after a relatively short trip to Atlanta and leaving his Porsche with us for car detailing, paint correction, a full car clear bra installation and CQuartz Finest, the owner left with a Porsche that looked better than when new, was far better protected and much easier to maintain for years to come.

If you’re interested in exploring new car protection or paint correction services in the Atlanta area, reach out to Detailed Designs Auto Spa today to set up a complimentary consultation.

By Jean-Claude Corcoran

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