BMW M3 is Treated to a Visit to Atlanta’s Favorite Professional Car Detailing Company

professional car detailing cquartz finest atlanta

Ever have a car that you fell out of love with? When new, it was your favorite car and then over time it lost its luster and appeal? This is what the owner of this M3 felt. While he did still love the car, he was torn up over its condition. The solution?? Find a qualified professional car detailing company, like Detailed Designs Auto Spa, and have it restored to the best condition possible!

We spent about 20 hours on the paint for the silver paint correction package. The silver paint correction package is designed to address medium intensity clear coat marring and scratches while refining the paint to a high gloss and luster.

The interior received our showroom interior detail. The leather was cleaned, conditioned and protected with Leather Masters products. All fabrics where steam cleaned with our VX5000. Vinyl surfaces were deep cleaned with 1Z Einszett Plastic Deep Cleaner and then conditioned with Dr. Beasley’s Plastic Conditioner.

professional car detailing atlanta

Convertible top was opened halfway. All convertible hardware and hidden areas were detailed and conditioned as needed.

Wheels were removed, detailed and then coated inside and out with Modesta BC-06 pure glass coating. This coating is heat resistant up to 1,300 °C! It was designed for race car wheels that see the most intense heat and super heated brake pad compound dust. It eases maintenance for daily drivers and makes cleaning a breeze!

After all other interior and exterior prep work was completed, we applied two layers of CQuartz Finest to the exterior paint as well as all door edges and shuts. CQuartz Finest was baked with our programable IR lamp.

cquartz Finest atlanta

The end result was a result that the owner absolutely loved. He didn’t even want to drive it after our professional detailing of the m3. He wanted to park it and just enjoy looking at it! This is professional car detailing taken to the next level!

Thanks for taking the time to look at this recent detail and as always, please call or email us if you have any questions or would like to set a consultation for our professional car detailing services.

professional car detailing cquartz finest atlanta

2015 Ferrari in Atlanta gets professional car detailing, paint correction, clear bra, interior detail and Modesta treatment

Ferrari Detailing Atlanta

We love fast cars. We love beautiful cars. We love Ferrari’s! When most people think of new Ferrari’s, they think about an amazing experience and automobiles unlike any other. When new, they simply must be amazing, right?!! What most folks find out is that even new Ferrari’s need attention. They come with superficial defects in the top layer of the paint, the clear coat. This can be due to washing the car without any form of good protection, like coatings, quality waxes, sealants, clear bra, or, it can be due to an unskilled detailer creating defects with machine polishing. Either way, an expert professional car detailing can address these concerns and leave a new Ferrari owner with a finish that is truly deserving of its badge!

We recognize that the best investment for a fine automobile after a professional car detail and repairing superficial paint damage with paint correction is to either install clear bra or a paint coating system, or a combination of both. After a consultation with the owner, he opted for us to install Modesta BC-04. Modesta BC-04 is a new formula coating that combines the best advantages of the original Pure Liquid Glass coatings and highest quality nano-grade titanium. This combination creates a deeper shine and better reflections on the paint. A significantly prolonged working time also allows easier and safer application.

The inorganic nature of the coating makes it fully resistant to oxidation. The hard physical barrier it creates also prevents paint from coming into contact with air and acts as an anti-scratch protectant. Modesta BC-04 is capable to withstand temperatures of up to 900 °C.

The target for this owner and Ferrari was clean, corrected, protected and cosmetically enhanced to get it as beautiful as possible. To accomplish that, we installed clear bra / paint protection film, detailed the interior including premier leather care and conditioning, performed paint correction and applied Modesta BC-04. With this service, the owner would be facing less intense professional car detailing needs moving forward. With the right long term detailing and protection solution, the owner is left with a peace of mind you can’t find anywhere else.

All of us at Detailed Designs Auto Spa hope you thoroughly enjoy this latest blog entry!

When the Ferrari California T arrived, it looked …okay.

Ferrari Detailing AtlantaFerrari Detailing AtlantaFerrari Detailing Atlanta

Wheels, calipers and wheel wells got a professional detailer’s touch.

Ferrari Detailing AtlantaFerrari Professional Car Detailing AtlantaFerrari Detailing AtlantaFerrari Professional Car Detailing Atlanta

The bodywork got the full monty in terms of a car wash, decontamination (includes removal of existing wax, glaze and filler) and prepping for paint correction.

Ferrari Detailing Atlanta

The interior leather had designer jean dye transfer on it after only 2 weeks. Safely cleaning all the leather has priority and it’s one we are in touch with.

Ferrari Detailing AtlantaFerrari Detailing AtlantaFerrari Detailing Atlanta

Ferrari Detailing AtlantaFerrari Detailing AtlantaFerrari Detailing Atlanta

Clean leather? Check! Now it’s time to condition it with the finest leather care products in the world.

Ferrari Detailing AtlantaFerrari Detailing AtlantaFerrari Detailing Atlanta

Interior was detailed.

Ferrari Detailing AtlantaFerrari Professional Car Detailing Atlanta

All interior carbon fiber bits were cleaned and then protected with Swissvax wax.

Ferrari Detailing AtlantaFerrari Detailing AtlantaFerrari Detailing Atlanta

For a clear view of the paint correction on this Ferrari, check out this video:

All buttoned up after a professional car detailing, clear bra / paint protection film installation, paint correction, interior detail and Modesta BC-04 application.

Ferrari Detailing AtlantaFerrari Detailing AtlantaFerrari Detailing AtlantaFerrari Detailing AtlantaFerrari Detailing Atlanta

How to clean and apply tire dressing that will not sling

Whether you’re a car enthusiast or you just happen to own a car, one thing is universal. We all hate tire sling. Going to a car show to present or driving the kids to soccer practice, it doesn’t matter. A clean car that has tire dressing slung all over the side of the car stinks. It looks nasty, gets into your quality wash mitts and can be a paint to completely remove. As a professional car detailer in the Atlanta area, I get requests all the time to show clients how to clean and dress tires in a way that will not sling. What this article will do is discuss how tire sling happens and what you can do to keep it from happening to your car.

Why is tire sling a thing?

The short story is that tire sling happens because there is either too much product on the tire and centrifugal force slings the excess away from the tire, or there is not enough bond for the tire dressing on the tire. What could cause there to be too much product on the tire? At most detail shops, they are all about volume. This translates to as little time put into each project as possible. What most do is quickly spray the dressing on the tire and not bother to wipe down the tire. This leaves the tires with an incredibly wet look that many customers like. The problem with this method is there is far too much tire dressing on the tire.

Along with the issue outlined in the previous paragraph, most shops use petroleum-heavy dressings. When used, these dressings lay super thick but do not bond very well. Both issues really snowball the more they are used over the life of a tire. As a side note, petroleum-heavy dressings also degrade the elasticizers in rubber products, which cause accelerated aging.

If you plan to continue using these petroleum-heavy dressings, you can minimize tire sling by wiping down the excess dressing with a towel of low value(well…it will be of low value when you finish using it…). We are fans of using quality dressings that, by nature, do not sling with proper application.

Where to start?

Moving forward, if you desire amazing looking tires that do not sling, we must start by removing the garbage dressing that is on your tires now.

For removal of the dressing, have these products ready:
Automotive All Purpose Cleaner -like p21s Total Auto Wash
Stiff Bristle Brush
Pressure Washer -PW’er is ideal, but you can make do with a water hose if you must
Towels of Low Value -We use microfiber towels, but terry cloth would work fine as well

Assess the tires to see the extent of the tire gunk. In this case we are using a client’s new vehicle. The tire gunk we are removing was used by the dealership. It slung gunk all over the side of the vehicle.

You can use your finger or a towel to see how poorly the dressing bonds with the tire. The ideal dressing will be dry to the touch and not transfer. This tire has some major transfer.

Getting ready to remove tire dressing

Once your all purpose cleaner is mixed properly, spray directly to the tire.

Removal of tire dressing

Use your stiff bristle brush to agitate the surface of the tires. Ensure that you agitate in multiple directions to allow the bristles to gain access to the low and high spots on the tires.

Removal of tire dressing

After working a manageable area enough, flush with your pressure washer. This is a common sense task. If you manage to cause damage to a rubber tire with a pressure washer, please step away from the pressure washer and reflect on the life choices that lead you to this spot. haha! -Just kidding…but seriously, it is difficult to cause damage to the tire. But you can cause damage to your wheel and other sensitive areas of the car. Please be cautious while using a pressure washer.

We have some incredibly steady hands and use the pressure as added cleaning ability for tires.

Pressure washing tire

Use a towel or your finger to test for gunk transfer. If you’re still getting old tire dressing on your finger or towel, repeat these steps.

When decontamination of the tire is complete it should have a nice matte sheen.

Clean tire

Once the tire is cleaned, this is a good opportunity to clean the wheel and wheel well.

It’s clean, now what?

Now that all of that tire dressing nastiness is removed, you should have a wonderful surface to apply your quality sealant/dressing to in a way that promotes bonding. The next step is choosing and applying a quality product. There are a lot of different quality products that are available to the automotive enthusiast. We are big fans of Ultimate Tire and Trim Guard Plus (like all other products used in this article, UTTG+ is available for purchase at our shop). As a polymer, it bonds very well and has a nice lifespan and it can be layered without fear of slinging.

UTTG+ only requires a small amount to be applied to the sponge you use to apply the product.

Ultima Tire and Trim Guard Plus

With a manageable amount of product on your sponge, apply the product in a way that increases the chances to get coverage on the low and high spots of the tire. We work the product in every direction that we can.

Tire dressing application method

For UTTG+, we wait 10 minutes or longer between applications. Depending on how the tire responds to the coatings, we may wipe the surface with a towel between applications. But after the last application, we will always wipe the tire with a towel to ensure there are no high spots. This promotes as even a finish as possible. These tires received 3 coats of UTTG+ with about 10 minutes between applications. The final result was tires that had zero product transfer and looked amazing.

Sling-free tire dressing

Moving forward

If you’re interested in purchasing any products used in this tutorial, feel free to reach out to us and we are happy to provide you with a local source for quality detailing supplies.

Are you currently satisfied with your dressing application and products? Have suggestions that can help others? Please leave a comment with your personal feedback.

Atlanta Clear Bra Done Right on a Corvette Stingray


Once again, a longtime Corvette enthusiast purchases a 2014 Stingray and once again they choose the Atlanta clear bra installers at Detailed Designs Auto Spa to perform a quality paint protection film installation.

The professional Atlanta clear bra installers at Detailed Designs Auto Spa have installed paint protection film on many new Corvette Stingrays in the Atlanta area. We have the feedback from clients, who’ve had their Stingrays since they were first released, on what areas see the highest wear and tear from rock and road debris impacts. With this information, the pros at Detailed Designs Auto Spa can make suggestions for new Stingray owners as to what areas require the most attention.

For this owner, maximum coverage and protection was not in his budget. So instead, he opted for clear bra coverage on the bare minimum for the highest wear areas. The leading edge of the hood and front fenders, the full front bumper, side mirrors and the rocker panels. In addition to the clear bra installation, he wanted an option that would give him easier maintenance on keeping the wheels clean. For the wheels and calipers, we installed Modesta BC-06.

Where the clear bra protection will provide rock chip and road debris protection for the paint, Modesta BC-06 is the most heat resistant coating available. Stain-resistance and ease of cleaning thanks to the hardness of the coating film are the most prominent characteristics of the BC-06 glass coating. This thin silica film made from perhydropolysilazane protects the wheels from dust in raindrops that may penetrate soft paints or other painted surfaces and can be removed only with great effort. Thanks to the BC-06 protection washing is required less frequently.

BC-06 undergoes a chemical reaction when it comes in contact with a painted surface, creating a hard glass coating. It has a tightly packed molecular structure that creates a solid, long-lasting surface. BC-06 is heatproof up to 1,300 °C – enough to protect wheels from burning-hot brake dust.

Atlanta Clear Bra www.detaileddesignsautospa.comAtlanta Clear Bra www.detaileddesignsautospa.comAtlanta Clear Bra www.detaileddesignsautospa.comAtlanta Clear Bra

CQuartz Finest: BMW 428i Protected with CQuartz Finest Glass Coating

Professional Car Detailing Atlanta

As rare as it is, every once in a while we will get a client that calls Conyers their home town. Most of our clients hail from the Metro Atlanta area. The owner of this BMW 428i just so happens to live in our small town of Conyers. It’s nice to get local clients once in a while considering we tend to appeal to big-city people. So how does CQuartz Finest fit into the lifestyle of someone living in Atlanta or Conyers?

The owner of this BMW was requesting a service that would provide her with simple maintenance and beautiful looks on her new 428i, and yet, would not cost arm and a leg. After several conversations and a number of calls, the answer was clear that she needed CQuartz Finest. Easy maintenance was necessary, however once she saw shots of new automotive paint protection CQuartz Finest jobs, the deal was done. CQuartz Finest really does supply a staggering amount of gloss and shine. With a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty and also the opportunity for the coating to last for much longer at a value that is very affordable, it shows itself as an awesome option for many. Atlanta’s own Detailed Designs Auto Spa has been installing CQuartz Finest for a few years and each one among our CQuartz Finest owners have been pleased with the service. Carpro, who makes CQuartz Finest, also offers products that support their si02/Silica glass coating system. This says no owner is left without the ammunition required to keep up their coated paint against the elements of Atlanta roads and weather.

We’ve seen countless older 7-series in a similar color however it isn’t typical that you would see this color in recent years. She special ordered her 428i this color and I believe it was a great choice as it looks beautiful! This BMW should be rolling back through the shop for clear bra soon!

If you’re interested in CQuartz Finest or any other new car paint protection options, read more here and then contact Atlanta’s favorite professional car detailers at Detailed Designs Auto Spa

CQuartz Finest Atlanta installer

Paint Correction – Do you and your car qualify for paint correction?

paint correction atlanta

Whether your car is new or has many thousands of miles on it, you may be considering paint correction. The idea of swirl marks or superficial marring in your paint drives you mad. You’ve now found a qualified paint correction expert, Detailed Designs Auto Spa, and are ready to pull the trigger on correction. Can we make your paint amazing or better than new? Sure. But should you have paint correction performed? At Detailed Designs Auto Spa, it is not our goal to just sell you services. We want the services to be an ideal fit for your needs.

In the perfect world we would all have perfected and refined paint. But due to either something we’ve done or forces outside of our control, swirl marks can happen. One of the biggest reasons to give strong consideration as to if you qualify for paint correction or not is the cost. True paint correction is not inexpensive. The prep work is time consuming. The expertise needed for amazing results is rare. Products used are expensive to own and maintain. As well as the actual paint correction being incredibly labor intensive, hard on the body and taking a toll on those doing the work. It truly is one of the cases where you get what you pay for. There are countless ways to cut corners. But the real deal is serious, expensive and yet stands well above the imitators at the end of the day.

Your money is valuable too though. To earn it, you’ve given up family time, worked over time, given of yourself emotionally, possibly endured stress from day to day and yet you do not have an unlimited supply of it. Whenever you spend your money, you hope that the one accepting it understands its real value. Quite frankly, they should really be looking out for your best interest. Not finding excuses to take as much as they can get.

Paint correction is one of those services that does not fit everyone’s needs. Sure, your paint will look amazing. But at what cost? When you’re spending $1,000+ to correct paint, it should be a value that reaches beyond a few weeks. We tell our clients that with paint correction, two years down the road you should be able to look back fondly at the experience and the value you’ve received. For you to value it, it should really be evident that you had it done from two years in the future. For it to look great years down the road, proper maintenance is required. Ideally, something as intensive as our gold paint correction package would be performed once in a car’s present owner’s lifetime.

Paint correction means commitment. To correct the paint is to level the clear coat (read more here), as opposed to just filling defects that will show again once the filler is washed out. Maybe your current damage was caused by bird droppings, bug marks, organic fallout, acid rain, hard water(well water), or it was caused by neglect such as poor washing/drying techniques. For paint correction to make sense, proper care and technique during washing and drying is a necessity. If you have no interest in proper washing and drying techniques the damage repaired will come back. The damage that paint correction repairs is damage that is mostly avoidable. Proper washing and drying technique probably play the largest role in avoiding that damage. If you’ve had paint correction performed and are tempted to run it through the automated car wash or the ‘corner car wash’ because you’re short on time, just remember that the car being dirty a few extra days will be okay. But just one bad wash can undo a lot of beauty.

Damage from bug marks or bird droppings should be cleaned as soon as possible due to their acidic nature. The earlier you can address bug marks and bird droppings, the better. Black paint can reach upwards of 180 degrees in the summer sunlight. It can take absolutely no time for a bird dropping to bake on your paint in that kind of heat. In that regard, some damage can be unavoidable.

Moving forward, it’s important to understand that a car that has had paint correction demands more respect and should be treated differently. Your paint now looks stunning. It looks much richer, glossier and has more luster than when it was new. To keep it looking that way means you treat it like a fine automobile should be treated. The payoff is owning a piece of art that you won’t get tired of looking at and is worth more.

“My car is new though…”

But your car is brand new. Why are we talking about paint correction on a brand new car? Because many brand new cars come from the factory and/or dealership with defects that merit being addressed with paint correction. We’ve seen brand new cars with wet sanding that was not finished down properly from the factory, dealership detailers creating swirl marks or lot washers having hammered the paint. This does not have to be due to malice on the part of the factory or dealership. It’s just not common that there is a paint expert on staff to use safe methods, products that are not designed to fill paint defects or encourage proper ideal paint care.

Factory paint defects on a 6-figure car

If your car is almost new and yet has experienced a car wash or detail that was negligent, you may already have damage that would require paint correction to repair.

If you have ordered your new car or you expect to purchase a new car soon, we encourage you to request that no washes, detailing or new car prep(shipping film removal) is performed on the car prior to your taking delivery. This will minimize the opportunity for new damage to be created. The best case scenario is you end up with factory paint that does not require extensive paint correction.

The paint is corrected and you want to protect it

Because paint correction is supposed to be a permanent solution to the swirl marks or defects in your paint, you want to do everything in your power to protect your investment. We offer multiple protection options to our paint correction clients.

At minimum, we advise a wax like Swissvax Crystal Rock or application of a quality sealant.

Another option is to take advantage of one of our quality coating options. Coatings lay on the clear coat of the car substantially thicker and harder than waxes or sealants. Where typical waxes lay on wax with a thickness of approximately .1μm (micron).
CQuartz Finest lays at a thickness of 2-3μm.
Modesta coatings lay at a thickness of 3-5μm
These coating systems not only lay much thicker than waxes do, they do a better job repelling dirt and are more scratch and chemical resistant resistant. Because they offer many years of wax-free care, paint coating systems also ease longterm maintenance needs of the car. All coatings have their own characteristics. For more information about the exclusive coatings we offer reach out to us and we will be happy to guide you to the coating that fits your needs.

Clear bra installation just may be the most intense protection available for car paint. Clear bra is a clear urethane film that is applied to the surface of the paint and is virtually invisible. Clear bra film lays on the paint at a thickness of 6 mils (152.4μm/microns). Clear bra offers protection from the natural elements, swirl marks and rock chips, which no coating or wax can provide. For more information on clear bra installation in Atlanta.

The ultimate in protection would be clear bra installed with a coating over the clear bra. This gives you the best physical protection along with years of eased maintenance.

Clear Bra Atlanta

You know you want paint correction. Now what?

You’ve weighed the pro’s and con’s and are certain that paint correction is exactly what you want for your pride and joy. The next step is to call Detailed Designs Auto Spa in Atlanta at 678-859-1795 and set up an in-person consultation so that we can look over your car with you and find the best paint correction solution for how you live with your car. Detailed Designs Auto Spa is qualified to spend as much time as required to truly restore your paint to a stunning condition without abbreviating the service and cutting corners. We know you’re looking for the best quality service and experience available and guarantee you will be completely satisfied with your decision to bring your car to us for a professional car detailing and paint correction.

Professional car detailing atlanta

By Jean-Claude Corcoran

Professional Paint Correction, Clear Bra Installation & CQuartz Finest on Porsche in Atlanta

A few months ago we received a call from a Porsche owner in Auburn Alabama. He expressed that his 7,xxx mile 991 Porsche 911 Carrera S had intensive paint swirls and wanted a permanent solution. Longterm ease of maintenance and the best protection available was of prime importance. After a thorough consultation, the owner decided to have us perform paint correction to repair the swirl marks, installation of paint protection film clear bra on the whole exterior and then have it all capped off with CQuartz Finest.

Initially, the owner was wanting paint correction. But with paint correction comes specific needs in terms of typical car washes and even the detailing. By adding clear bra, he provided himself with an additional buffer between his perfected paint and the elements. Not being from Atlanta meant that he could not swing by quickly for any short term needs. Taking advantage of a thorough car detailing, paint correction, clear bra installation and CQuartz Finest application would have his car buttoned up for years.

With only 7,xxx miles on the car, it can be difficult to comprehend the level of damage the car already had. But like many, he was not aware of how to properly wash and dry their car before the service. After the detailing, paint correction, clear bra and CQuartz Finest application, we spent time with him reviewing proper car care chemicals, tools and washing and drying methods. While we made the wash clinic available to him, he has not been able to return to Atlanta yet to take advantage of our training.

Without further adieu, the damage before we began the paint correction.

Porsche car Swirl markscar Paint swirl marksPorsche car paint scratchesPorsche car paint swirlsclear coat swirl marksPorsche clear coat swirlsPorsche Bumper Swirl Marks

As we outline in our article Why Detailed Designs Auto Spa Should Be Your Choice For Clear Bra In Atlanta we offer something other clear bra shops in Atlanta can’t. We can perform industry leading paint correction prior to clear bra installation. You’ve seen how much damage this Porsche Carrera S had prior to our paint correction. Now take a look at the paint post-paint correction but before clear bra was installed.

Atlanta Paint CorrectionAtlanta Porsche Paint CorrectionProfessional Car Detailing AtlantaAtlanta Professional Car DetailingAtlanta Paint Correction

The Porsche has now received an awesome paint correction service and it’s ready for a quality clear bra installation on every exterior panel and CQuartz Finest over all of the film.

clear bra atlantapaint protection film atlantaatlanta clear braatlanta paint protection filmAtlanta Clear BraClear Bra AtlantaPPF AtlantaAtlanta Clear Bra installation
Atlanta PPF installation
PPF atlanta clear bra

A few final car detailing touches prior to it being finished

Porsche exterior car care AtlantaPorsche exterior detailing AtlantaProfessional car detailing Atlanta

The final product; car detailing, paint correction, clear bra installation and CQuartz Finest application.

Atlanta Porsche Clear Bra PPF Paint Protection FilmProfessional Car Detailing AtlantaClear Bra Atlanta installationPaint Protection Film AtlantaPorsche Detailing AtlantaClear Bra Atlanta Detailed Designs Auto SpaClear Bra Atlanta Detailed Designs Auto SpaAtlanta Clear Bra Detailed Designs Auto SpaAtlanta Paint Protection Film Detailed Designs Auto SpaAtlanta PPF installation Detailed Designs Auto SpaAtlanta Professional Car Detailing Detailed Designs Auto SpaProfessional Car Detailing Atlanta Detailed Designs Auto SpaPorsche Clear Bra PPF car detailing

When it was said and done, after a relatively short trip to Atlanta and leaving his Porsche with us for car detailing, paint correction, a full car clear bra installation and CQuartz Finest, the owner left with a Porsche that looked better than when new, was far better protected and much easier to maintain for years to come.

If you’re interested in exploring new car protection or paint correction services in the Atlanta area, reach out to Detailed Designs Auto Spa today to set up a complimentary consultation.

By Jean-Claude Corcoran

Why Detailed Designs Auto Spa should be your choice for clear bra installation in Atlanta

Clear Bra Atlanta

You live in the greater Atlanta area and have just purchased a new car. The dealership has attempted to sell you clear bra but you’ve heard how much they mark it up, are unsure of the ability of their installer and have decided to search for a qualified installer yourself. How do you find the most qualified clear bra installer in the Atlanta area? Let us explain why Detailed Designs Auto Spa is the best solution for your clear bra installation needs.

The industry

Let me take a moment to give you some insight into the clear bra installation market and why it’s important that you’re critical of who installs your clear bra.

For clear bra installers, there are a few routes for going from not installing clear bra to being considered an “installer”. The most preferable routes are either training under another qualified installer, and hoping you’re not being trained with poor habits or an uncritical eye, or you travel to a training center to receive training that lasts only a few days. The other route is to buy a bulk roll of film and just start installing and figure it out as you go. But just because someone received training or they learned on their own does not equate to quality installations while ensuring there is no damage created. The X-factor in clear bra installation is the eye for detail and mentality of the installer. Some guys are just not cut out to install film because they are hung up on being fast, trying to salvage installed film that should be replaced or don’t care to give it the added time and attention it requires.

A large amount of dealerships appear to use the guys who buy bulk film and wing it on the install. This is apparent when looking at an installation that has inconsistent edges. The draw for many installers and dealerships who use this type of installer is that there is lower overhead. Using the computer run vinyl plotters to cut the precision patterns is expensive and requires a location to cut the patterns. We believe there is a place for custom cut installations. But that it should mostly be kept for installations that do not have precision computer cut patterns available.

A bad bulk clear bra installation
Poorly installed clear bra

One of our quality clear bra installations
Tesla Model S Clear Bra Modesta BC-04 Atlanta Detailed Designs Auto Spa

Unskilled bulk installers regularly cut through the film which causes cuts in the paint. It’s not unusual for us to remove another bulk installers film and find cuts to the paint.

Detailed Designs Auto Spa has 3 large format plotters. Our goal is to be able to offer the highest quality precision cut patterns. We’ve been trained by industry professionals from multiple training institutes and have years of real world clear bra installs. We are trained and qualified to safely perform custom clear bra installations as well as installing computer cut patterns.

Who are we?

My name is Jean-Claude Corcoran. I own and operate Detailed Designs Auto Spa and have been a professional in the industry since 2007. I am an apple that didn’t fall from the tree. My father was a car nut and I’ve been my whole life as well. As a car enthusiast, I aim for results that are as close to perfection as possible. My staff and I give you what we would give ourselves for a given service. With our high standards, this translates to quality that is by itself in the Atlanta area. Quality is assured because I take the lead on every project.

What Detailed Designs Auto Spa is not, is a volume shop. In the automotive industry, the big bucks are in volume work which typically translates to dealership work. We’ve focused on caring for automotive enthusiast and the more demanding retail clients. Our integrity to quality forbids us from pursuing volume work. By focusing on clients like you, we are structured to make you our #1 priority.

Detailed Designs Auto Spa has a commercial shop that is dedicated to our craft. We are conveniently located just 13 minutes outside of 285 and less than 1 mile from I-20.

Detailed Designs Auto Spa has a track record of providing some of the finest paint correction services in the United States. Our extensive knowledge of exterior paint care gives us an upper hand when it comes to the preparation and installation of clear bra on automobiles. Many shops choose to take the quickest routes possible when it comes to preparation of the paint for clear bra installation. This leads to extensive damage to the clear coat. Nobody wants swirl marks, marring or scratches in the finish of their new car. Using a shop that specializes in paint correction, like ours, ensures that if/when the clear bra film is removed the paint looks as good as when you left it with us.

With paint correction you get the best looking paint possible
Clear Bra Atlanta

Added value

At Detailed Designs Auto Spa, offering a complete line of new car protection options is important. We are the only shop in Georgia that offers clear bra installations, Modesta coatings, CQuartz Finest, interior coating options, paint correction and restorative detailing services at one location. Some shops offer individual services. Only Detailed Designs Auto Spa offers this line of services and has a thorough understanding of how they work together. Some of the ways we stay on top of industry trends and advances is by being pre-release product testers, constantly refining our procedures and products use, producing online education content for other professionals, mentoring new industry professionals in other states, offering ongoing car care training for our clients, being an ‘Ask a Pro‘ author and keeping in close contact with other like-minded industry experts.

Communication is one of the most important aspects in business. Instead of building up how well we communicate with our clients, I’ll offer that after a single call you will have a good understanding of how well we communicate and make our focus what your needs are.

We understand that your time is valuable and that’s why we offer automobile and passenger pick up and drop off. Are you too busy to bring your car to us? For a reasonable fee, we will pick up and/or drop off your car after the clear bra has been installed.

The bottom line

We want you to be comfortable with your purchase and experience when doing business with us. It’s easy for any business to claim anything. All of our services are backed by a satisfaction guarantee.

When you call Detailed Designs Auto Spa for your clear bra or paint coating installation, you can know that you’re talking to industry professionals that take pride in their work. As the owner and the team lead on your project, I am always available to my clients. Call us today to learn more about your longterm quality car care options.

By Jean-Claude Corcoran

New Custom Asanti Wheels Protected With Modesta BC-06

Last week I got a call from a great client that said he ordered a few sets of Asanti wheels, one set being custom painted. Because he’d used our wheel-off detail and coating and was pleased with it, he wanted the 2 new sets of Asanti wheels to be coated prior to having them mounted. Once the wheels were delivered to Butler Tire, a currier brought them to our shop for the Modesta BC-06 application. Upon completion the wheels were returned to Butler Tire for tire installation and mounting on the car.

Modesta BC-06 Asanti Wheels AtlantaWheel Detail by Detailed Designs Auto SpaCar Detailing Atlanta Detailed Designs Auto Spa