Why Detailed Designs Auto Spa should be your choice for clear bra installation in Atlanta

Clear Bra Atlanta

You live in the greater Atlanta area and have just purchased a new car. The dealership has attempted to sell you clear bra but you’ve heard how much they mark it up, are unsure of the ability of their installer and have decided to search for a qualified installer yourself. How do you find the most qualified clear bra installer in the Atlanta area? Let us explain why Detailed Designs Auto Spa is the best solution for your clear bra installation needs.

The industry

Let me take a moment to give you some insight into the clear bra installation market and why it’s important that you’re critical of who installs your clear bra.

For clear bra installers, there are a few routes for going from not installing clear bra to being considered an “installer”. The most preferable routes are either training under another qualified installer, and hoping you’re not being trained with poor habits or an uncritical eye, or you travel to a training center to receive training that lasts only a few days. The other route is to buy a bulk roll of film and just start installing and figure it out as you go. But just because someone received training or they learned on their own does not equate to quality installations while ensuring there is no damage created. The X-factor in clear bra installation is the eye for detail and mentality of the installer. Some guys are just not cut out to install film because they are hung up on being fast, trying to salvage installed film that should be replaced or don’t care to give it the added time and attention it requires.

A large amount of dealerships appear to use the guys who buy bulk film and wing it on the install. This is apparent when looking at an installation that has inconsistent edges. The draw for many installers and dealerships who use this type of installer is that there is lower overhead. Using the computer run vinyl plotters to cut the precision patterns is expensive and requires a location to cut the patterns. We believe there is a place for custom cut installations. But that it should mostly be kept for installations that do not have precision computer cut patterns available.

A bad bulk clear bra installation
Poorly installed clear bra

One of our quality clear bra installations
Tesla Model S Clear Bra Modesta BC-04 Atlanta Detailed Designs Auto Spa

Unskilled bulk installers regularly cut through the film which causes cuts in the paint. It’s not unusual for us to remove another bulk installers film and find cuts to the paint.

Detailed Designs Auto Spa has 3 large format plotters. Our goal is to be able to offer the highest quality precision cut patterns. We’ve been trained by industry professionals from multiple training institutes and have years of real world clear bra installs. We are trained and qualified to safely perform custom clear bra installations as well as installing computer cut patterns.

Who are we?

My name is Jean-Claude Corcoran. I own and operate Detailed Designs Auto Spa and have been a professional in the industry since 2007. I am an apple that didn’t fall from the tree. My father was a car nut and I’ve been my whole life as well. As a car enthusiast, I aim for results that are as close to perfection as possible. My staff and I give you what we would give ourselves for a given service. With our high standards, this translates to quality that is by itself in the Atlanta area. Quality is assured because I take the lead on every project.

What Detailed Designs Auto Spa is not, is a volume shop. In the automotive industry, the big bucks are in volume work which typically translates to dealership work. We’ve focused on caring for automotive enthusiast and the more demanding retail clients. Our integrity to quality forbids us from pursuing volume work. By focusing on clients like you, we are structured to make you our #1 priority.

Detailed Designs Auto Spa has a commercial shop that is dedicated to our craft. We are conveniently located just 13 minutes outside of 285 and less than 1 mile from I-20.

Detailed Designs Auto Spa has a track record of providing some of the finest paint correction services in the United States. Our extensive knowledge of exterior paint care gives us an upper hand when it comes to the preparation and installation of clear bra on automobiles. Many shops choose to take the quickest routes possible when it comes to preparation of the paint for clear bra installation. This leads to extensive damage to the clear coat. Nobody wants swirl marks, marring or scratches in the finish of their new car. Using a shop that specializes in paint correction, like ours, ensures that if/when the clear bra film is removed the paint looks as good as when you left it with us.

With paint correction you get the best looking paint possible
Clear Bra Atlanta

Added value

At Detailed Designs Auto Spa, offering a complete line of new car protection options is important. We are the only shop in Georgia that offers clear bra installations, Modesta coatings, CQuartz Finest, Opti-Coat Pro, interior coating options, paint correction and restorative detailing services at one location. Some shops offer individual services. Only Detailed Designs Auto Spa offers this line of services and has a thorough understanding of how they work together. Some of the ways we stay on top of industry trends and advances is by being pre-release product testers, constantly refining our procedures and products use, producing online education content for other professionals, mentoring new industry professionals in other states, offering ongoing car care training for our clients, being an ‘Ask a Pro‘ author and keeping in close contact with other like-minded industry experts.

Communication is one of the most important aspects in business. Instead of building up how well we communicate with our clients, I’ll offer that after a single call you will have a good understanding of how well we communicate and make our focus what your needs are.

We understand that your time is valuable and that’s why we offer automobile and passenger pick up and drop off. Are you too busy to bring your car to us? For a reasonable fee, we will pick up and/or drop off your car after the clear bra has been installed.

The bottom line

We want you to be comfortable with your purchase and experience when doing business with us. It’s easy for any business to claim anything. All of our services are backed by a satisfaction guarantee.

When you call Detailed Designs Auto Spa for your clear bra or paint coating installation, you can know that you’re talking to industry professionals that take pride in their work. As the owner and the team lead on your project, I am always available to my clients. Call us today to learn more about your longterm quality car care options.

New Custom Asanti Wheels Protected With Modesta BC-06

Last week I got a call from a great client that said he ordered a few sets of Asanti wheels, one set being custom painted. Because he’d used our wheel-off detail and coating and was pleased with it, he wanted the 2 new sets of Asanti wheels to be coated prior to having them mounted. Once the wheels were delivered to Butler Tire, a currier brought them to our shop for the Modesta BC-06 application. Upon completion the wheels were returned to Butler Tire for tire installation and mounting on the car.

Modesta BC-06 Asanti Wheels AtlantaWheel Detail by Detailed Designs Auto SpaCar Detailing Atlanta Detailed Designs Auto Spa

Swissvax + Modesta + Clear Bra + Corvette Stingray = Protected Beauty

When one of our loyal clients purchased a new Stingray that he would drive regularly and would be exposed to the elements that Atlanta gives us, his first call was to Detailed Designs Auto Spa so that he could get it protected. He wanted a quality wax, clear bra and a way to ease his longterm maintenance. After speaking for a while about his options and how they would or would not work for his lifestyle with the car, he decided to go with Swissvax Crystal Rock, paint protection film clear bra, Modesta BC-06 for the wheels and calipers and a vinyl carbon fiber stinger stripe.

After a few days with the car, we gave him the call that it was ready for him. The owner was incredibly happy with how the Stingray came out. Here are some photographs we took of the project and the end result.

Vinyl wraps Atlanta

Before removing factory sticker from the calipers.
Wheel Detailing Atlanta

After detailing the calipers and coating with Modesta BC-06
Wheel Detail and Modesta BC-06 Coating Atlanta

With the hood’s carbon fiber vinyl wrap completed, it’s time to install the clear bra and trim out around the vinyl film.
Laguna Blue Corvette Stingray Atlanta

Swissvax Crystal Rock, paint protection film clear bra, Modesta BC-06 and carbon fiber vinyl stinger stripe installed.
Atlanta Corvette vinyl installationLaguna Corvette Stingray Swissvax Crystal RockAtlanta Clear Bra AtlantaAtlanta Professional Car DetailingProfessional Atlanta Car Detailing

Detailed Designs Auto Spa is proud to be the only professional detail shop in the Atlanta area offering Swissvax detailing services, Crystal Rock or Modesta coatings.

Wheel-Off Detail & Modesta BC-06 Coating

Atlanta’s favorite professional car detailing shop, Detailed Designs Auto Spa’s wheel-off detail and coating service gives Atlanta’s automotive owners unprecedented protection and ease of maintenance for years, not months. Modesta BC-06 is the perfect fit for garage queens and daily drivers alike.

Stain-resistance and ease of cleaning thanks to the hardness of the coating film are the most prominent characteristics of the BC-06 glass coating. This thin silica film made from perhydropolysilazane protects the car body and wheels from dust in raindrops that may penetrate soft paints or other painted surfaces and can be removed only with great effort. Thanks to the BC-06 protection cleaning is less intense.

Modesta BC-06 undergoes a chemical reaction when it comes in contact with a painted surface, creating a hard glass coating. It has a tightly packed molecular structure that creates a solid, long-lasting surface. BC-06 is heatproof up to 1,300 °C – enough to protect wheels from burning-hot brake dust.

Modesta BC-06 lasts 3 – 10 years.

Detailed Designs Auto Spa is proud to be Atlanta’s only Modesta authorized installer.

Restoring a 27k mile Porsche Panamera’s paint and then protecting and easing maintenance with PPF and CQuartz Finest

There is a surprising amount of owners who come to us looking to restore a low mileage car that has hammered paint and then wanting a quality longterm solution for protecting and easing maintenance after the restoration. Our paint correction service is designed to permanently repair existing surface defects such as swirl marks, acid rain etching, bird dropping and bug marks and oxidation. But how does an owner maintain the corrected surface moving forward? Paint protection film, known as clear bra, and paint coating systems like CQuartz Finest provide that added protection along with previously unavailable ease of maintenance.

Our paint correction and restoration services will take your paint to a level that no dealership or other corner detail shops can reach. Between our extensive experience with paint correction, desire to produce the highest quality work without cut corners, the experience we offer owners of fine automobiles and exclusive services, Detailed Designs Auto Spa is the most qualified to restore and protect your automobile’s finish.

This 27,000 mile Porsche Panamera is another example of the quality we produce. It came in with extensive damage to the clear coat and left with amazing paint after experiencing our Gold package paint correction service. After restoring the paint, all panels except for the hatch(per the owner’s request) were wrapped with paint protection film (clear bra) and then coated with CQuartz Finest.

We invested over 55 hours into restoring just the paint with our Gold package. Now, it’s not common that paint correction takes this long to accomplish. The damage on this Panamera just so happened to be intense enough that we had to pour more than the usual amount of time into it.

The following shots of the project consist of befores, some half done shots(along with some pictures showing how we get our 50/50 shots) and some afters.

Paint SwirlsCar Detailing Atlanta Detailed Designs Auto SpaBefore Paint CorrectionPaint SwirlsPaint scratchesDetailed Designs Auto Spa Paint Correction Swirl Removal AtlantaAuto Detailing Atlanta

Roof(a lot of real estate that is not the easiest to get to!)

Before roof paint restorationAfter paint correction roof

A pillars, rear fender and hatch

Paint Correction Needed AtlantaAfter Paint Correction Atlanta Detailed Designs Auto SpaPaint Swirl MarksDetailed Designs Auto Spa swirl removal AtlantaDetailed Designs Auto Spa before paint correctionDetailed Designs Auto Spa after paint correction on hatchDetailed Designs Auto Spa before paint correctionDetailed Designs Auto Spa Auto Detailing Atlanta

Beginning the Paint Protection Film installation with the hood.

Detailed Designs Auto Spa Paint Protection Film Installation

When we were finished with the clear bra installation, we applied 2 coatings of CQuartz Finest to all exterior painted and surfaces with clear bra installed. Since completing the project, the owner has returned to discuss maintenance and he is completely blown away with the ease of maintenance that CQuartz Finest gives him. We now have quite a few Atlanta Porsches rolling around with CQuartz Finest. Cquartz Finest certainly gives the depth, gloss and ease of maintenance that many are looking for.

The time between finishing the project, which took weeks, and the client showing up to pick up the Panamera was only a few hours of an afternoon. We didn’t have ideal lighting for the most amazing photographs. But we do feel that even with less than ideal photography conditions you can get an idea of how amazing this Porsche came out.

Detailed Designs Auto Spa CQuartz Finest Clear BraCQuartz Finest Atlanta PorscheAtlanta Paint Protection FilmCQuartz Finest Atlanta PorscheAtlanta Clear Bra PorscheCQuartz Finest Atlanta PorschePaint Protection Film Atlanta PorscheCQuartz Finest Atlanta PorscheCQuartz Finest Atlanta Porsche

Atlanta Porsche Detailing and Opti-Coat Pro Installation on new Macan S

Obviously, Porsche owners in Atlanta appreciate the care, skill and experience that Detailed Designs Auto Spa provides! We have a constant stream of Porsches visiting us for extensive restoration as well as new car protection services. This Porsche owner decided to have his brand new Porsche Macan brought straight to our shop once it was delivered from Chicago for a professional exterior and interior auto detail, Opti-Guard leather coating system, clear bra installation and expert Opti-Coat Pro installation.

Wheels were another area that the owner had a real concern for. The solution that was offered was a wheel-off detailing and Modesta BC-06 installation.

From this project, we hope you can get a good sense of why it’s important to be in touch with how your vehicle could be transported as well as how dirty a new car can really be. Just because “it’s new”, doesn’t mean it’s like-new. But after taking delivery, consulting with Detailed Designs Auto Spa can mean you end up with a Porsche that is better than new, well protected with paint protection film and easier to maintain with an expertly installed Opti-Coat Pro installation.

Once the car was delivered to our shop it was clear that it truly required extensive auto detailing for the exterior and interior.

New Porsche prep AtlantaNew car prep AtlantaNew auto detailing AtlantaNew car detailing AtlantaAtlanta new car prep

After detailing the door seal using our safe methods
Gentle Interior Detailing Porsche Atlanta

As a new car, it’s unimaginable that the steering wheel is this filthy.
Steering wheel detailing Atlanta

A half and half shot of before and after safely detailing the steering wheel.
Steering wheel cleaning Atlanta

The interior door card was not spared from the filth.
New car prep work Atlanta

Another half and half, before/after shot.
Auto Interior Detailing Atlanta

Interior detailing was required for the fabric surfaces as much as any area.
IMG_8793IMG_8794Porsche Atlata Interior DetailingAtlanta Interior Detailing Porsche

Once the interior was completely detailed, the leather was coated with Opti-Guard. The exterior received a thorough wash, decontamination, polishing and then clear bra installation and Opti-Coat Pro installation.

The Porsche Macan came out amazingly. After a proper detailing, decon, clear bra installation and Opti-Coat Pro installation, this Porsche owner will enjoy added protection along with ease of maintenance. Another example of our longterm solutions for Atlanta’s most demanding automobile owners.
Porsche Detailing & Opti-Coat Pro AtlantaPorsche Atlanta Auto DetailingPorsche Opti-Coat Pro Atlanta Installer

Atlanta Porsche 997 Turbo Cabriolet PPF installation, auto detail, paint correction and CQuartz Finest

One of our most recent auto details was for a client who purchased a lower mileage Porsche 997 turbo cabriolet. His Porsche had extensive swirl marks, some gnarly rock chips and a roof that required a thorough cleaning and protection application.

We were able to get exactly what the owner was looking for with our silver package. Beyond restoring the paint to a better than new condition, the owner was wanting better protection and easier maintenance. By allowing us to install clear bra to the full hood, full front fenders, front bumper and side mirrors he was provided with the protection from road debris and rock chips that he needed. With CQuartz Finest, he then had the ease of maintenance along with an additional layer of protection.

As you can see, we were able to correct the superficial surface issues and get the extraordinary results that we aim for on every project. Atlanta Porsche owners can look to Detailed Designs Auto Spa as their source for auto detailing, paint restoration and correction, paint protection film (clear bra) installations, CQuartz Finest and new car protection options.

Porsche Detailing AtlantaAtlanta Porsche DetailingAtlanta Auto DetailingPorsche Detailing AtlantaDetailed Designs Auto Spa Porsche Detailing AtlantaAtlanta Auto DetailingCar Detailing AtlantaAtlanta Porsche 997 detailingClear Bra AtlantaAnother day at Detailed Designs Auto Spa

Tesla Model S Clear Bra Paint Protection Film Installation and Modesta BC-04 application

Tesla Model S Clear Bra Modesta BC-04 Atlanta Detailed Designs Auto Spa

We at Detailed Designs Auto Spa were proud to have another Tesla Model S visit us for a paint protection film (known as clear bra) installation and Modesta BC-04 application recently. While a lot of our Tesla Model S clients visit us from the Atlanta area, this one joined us from Athens, GA. -which made it the second Tesla Model S to come to us from Athens, GA.

The owner of this Tesla Model S was originally looking for Modesta BC-04 and considered layering Modesta BC-05 on top of it. Coupled with extensive clear bra coverage on the front end, this Tesla MS would be better protected from rock chips and easier to maintain with the long term in mind. After multiple conversations, the owner started to lean towards even more extensive clear bra coverage. She was wanting full coverage on the hood, front fenders, front bumper, rear bumper, all 4 doors, rear fenders as well as the side view mirrors. Basically, the only areas not covered by clear bra was the roof and rear hatch. At this point I suggested her husband and her save some money by only having Modesta BC-04 installed. While BC-05 on top of BC-04 would look amazing. Having such extensive clear bra coverage as well as keeping value per dollar spent reasonable meant that I didn’t see quite as much value layering multiple coatings over such extensive clear bra coverage. We discussed the subject and she agreed.

The big question would be the absolute condition of the paint when it arrived. A number of weeks ago, Tesla implemented the use of a waiver for new Tesla Model S owners who wish for their service center/delivery center detailer to not touch the cars. After working with Tesla on a mutual client’s repair, I was confidant that this waiver was in place for a reason that was structured around protecting their new Tesla owners. The waiver, in short, stated that if the new owner chose to forego allowing the Tesla authorized detailers to work on the car, the owner is releasing Tesla from liability associated with the cosmetics of the car. No doubt there was a catalyst for this. But the shame is that it’s not impossible for authorized detailers to make mistakes and cause new damage that would drive up the cost for owners who wanted perfect paint prior to having a coating applied. After a long discussion with the owner and exploring her options, we both felt it was in her best interest to allow their detail shop to do what they are paid to do and then we will address whatever comes. This way if there was any damage, she could have the assurance that she wouldn’t be up the river without a paddle.

The day the car arrived, the owner and her husband drove it straight to our shop. We inspected the car as quickly as we could given their tight schedule to get back on the road.

After washing the car we got to give her the good news that we did not see anything that typical prep work would not address. This meant they were able to keep $1.2k+ in their pocket. This was money they were willing to spend should the paint merit it. We at Detailed Designs Auto Spa love being able to save clients money. This is one of the reasons people bring their cars to us. We have a reputation for not up selling or looking for excuses for clients to spend their money.

The end game was us performing the following services:
Clear Bra Paint Protection Film Installation on:
Full hood, full front fenders, front bumper, side mirrors, all 4 doors, rear fenders and full rear bumper. (with a specific request to wrap all possible edges)
And then all prep work for a coating application and installation of Modesta BC-04 as well as Opti-Glass Pro for all exterior glass surfaces. (the inside of all of the door shuts and hatch were coated as well)

Please enjoy some of the photographs that we took through the project.

Installation of paint protection film with wrap coverage on the doors.
Tesla Model S Clear Bra Modesta BC-04 Atlanta Detailed Designs Auto SpaTesla Model S Clear Bra Modesta BC-04 Atlanta Detailed Designs Auto SpaTesla Model S Clear Bra Modesta BC-04 Atlanta Detailed Designs Auto Spa

Removal of some frunk(front trunk) trim to allow wrapping of paint protection film.
Tesla Model S Clear Bra Modesta BC-04 Atlanta Detailed Designs Auto Spa

Application of Modesta BC-04.
Tesla Model S Clear Bra Modesta BC-04 Atlanta Detailed Designs Auto Spa

How clean we wrap.
Tesla Model S Clear Bra Modesta BC-04 Atlanta Detailed Designs Auto SpaTesla Model S Clear Bra Modesta BC-04 Atlanta Detailed Designs Auto SpaTesla Model S Clear Bra Modesta BC-04 Atlanta Detailed Designs Auto SpaTesla Model S Clear Bra Modesta BC-04 Atlanta Detailed Designs Auto SpaTesla Model S Clear Bra Modesta BC-04 Atlanta Detailed Designs Auto SpaTesla Model S Clear Bra Modesta BC-04 Atlanta Detailed Designs Auto Spa

Did we mention that we did a custom rear bumper installation? Complete coverage edge to edge.
Tesla Model S Clear Bra Modesta BC-04 Atlanta Detailed Designs Auto SpaTesla Model S Clear Bra Modesta BC-04 Atlanta Detailed Designs Auto SpaTesla Model S Clear Bra Modesta BC-04 Atlanta Detailed Designs Auto SpaTesla Model S Clear Bra Modesta BC-04 Atlanta Detailed Designs Auto Spa

Complete exterior shots with clear bra as well as Modesta BC-04 installed.
Tesla Model S Clear Bra Modesta BC-04 Atlanta Detailed Designs Auto SpaTesla Model S Clear Bra Modesta BC-04 Atlanta Detailed Designs Auto SpaTesla Model S Clear Bra Modesta BC-04 Atlanta Detailed Designs Auto SpaTesla Model S Clear Bra Modesta BC-04 Atlanta Detailed Designs Auto SpaTesla Model S Clear Bra Modesta BC-04 Atlanta Detailed Designs Auto SpaTesla Model S Clear Bra Modesta BC-04 Atlanta Detailed Designs Auto SpaTesla Model S Clear Bra Modesta BC-04 Atlanta Detailed Designs Auto SpaTesla Model S Clear Bra Modesta BC-04 Atlanta Detailed Designs Auto SpaTesla Model S Clear Bra Modesta BC-04 Atlanta Detailed Designs Auto SpaTesla Model S Clear Bra Modesta BC-04 Atlanta Detailed Designs Auto SpaTesla Model S Clear Bra Modesta BC-04 Atlanta Detailed Designs Auto SpaTesla Model S Clear Bra Modesta BC-04 Atlanta Detailed Designs Auto SpaTesla Model S Clear Bra Modesta BC-04 Atlanta Detailed Designs Auto SpaTesla Model S Clear Bra Modesta BC-04 Atlanta Detailed Designs Auto SpaTesla Model S Clear Bra Modesta BC-04 Atlanta Detailed Designs Auto SpaTesla Model S Clear Bra Modesta BC-04 Atlanta Detailed Designs Auto Spa

Thanks for viewing and we enjoy all feedback and comments left.

Detailed Designs Auto Spa continues to offer the pinnacle of auto detailing, paint protection film installation, paint correction and automotive paint coating systems to Atlanta, GA. and all of the southeast. We are the only authorized Modesta coatings installer in Georgia. No other shop has our variety of quality coating systems, paint protection film installation, extensive paint correction services and full-time shop’s level of service all under the same roof and with an industry expert as the lead on all projects.

What is Opti-Coat?

Opti-Coat Pro Installer Atlanta Detailed Designs Auto Spa

Why is there need to ask this question? In short, there is a ton of information available on Opti-Coat, but not all of it is completely easy to understand and some of it is an outright exaggeration. I like to think that most people are not malicious at heart and the exaggerations are more misguided than intent to harm. But whatever the product being discussed, car owners should be able to make their decisions for car protection based on the best information available. It helps new owners discover the products that work best for them, gives them a great value and nurtures positive long term growth for our industry of quality detailing services, paint coating systems and paint protection film -or as many call it, clear bra. After all, an informed customer is the best kind.

What is Opti-Coat?
Opti-Coat is an aftermarket hard ceramic clear coating that provides scratch and chemical resistance beyond what your original clear coat offers. Opti-Coat can be installed over factory paint finishes, hard exterior plastics and glass.

Opti-Coat is unlike waxes or sealants. Where most waxes will last 1-2 months and many sealants only last 6-12 months, Opti-Coat will last years.

Not to be confused with Opti-Coat 2.0, Opti-Coat (Pro) is only sold and installed by professional detailers. Opti-Coat (Pro) is a more concentrated formula that sets up harder and is more chemically resistant than Opti-Coat 2.0.

What are the claims?
Many professionals and automotive enthusiast alike think a lot of Opti-Coat. But we see a lot of misinformation from both groups. We hear words of Opti-Coat requiring no more attention than washing, that it is impervious to scratches and damage and finally that it’s a great fit for everyone and every car. What is true and what is just hype? We will take some time discussing these subjects and hopefully by the end, you will be in a better position to know if Opti-Coat is a good fit for you and your car.

Scratch resistance
Is it scratch resistant? Yes. It resists scratches far better than your clear coat does, in my experience. That doesn’t mean that it is impervious to scratches. The coating itself should be seen more as a sacrificial layer than a shield that can not be penetrated. Because the coating is substantially thicker than waxes or sealants, harmful elements that the paint is otherwise exposed to has a much thicker added layer to penetrate before reaching your paint. This means that hard water spots, acid rain, superficial scratches and other contaminates are much less likely to reach your paint. Because Opti-Coat can be removed and reapplied, the body now has a wear and tear layer. When the coating becomes worn from being bombarded by these elements, simply removing and reinstalling the coating is a real possibility while maintaining the paint’s integrity.

Is it really a lifetime coating?
Realistically can it be a lifetime coating for you and your car’s life together? For a lot of people, yes. These days, most people keep their cars a few years and then trade them in for newer and nicer cars. The question becomes more an issue of how well will you maintain the coating once it’s applied. If you abuse the coating with harsh washes and neglect the surface by allowing hard water to dry on the surface, you will absolutely damage the finish and it can look as bad as your paint would otherwise look. Don’t forget that the coating is not invincible, it is a sacrificial layer. If you abuse the finish and it looks terrible, what good has the coating really done? Does it make you feel better to know there is a coating in place but it looks and feels terrible? If so, I urge you to reflect on if this or any coating is a good option for you. The real value in coatings is rewarding proper care with added protection..

If you keep your automobiles many years, it is possible for coatings to last a very long time if properly maintained. Proper maintenance starts with a quality car wash and drying routine. You can view our tutorial for a proper car wash routine here.

Does Opti-Coat Pro offer anything in the way of looks?
In my experience, Opti-Coat Pro (as well as Opti-Coat 2.0) does not add anything to the looks of the paint. It neither takes anything away from the look. Basically, the paint will look virtually identical before and after the coating. Proper paint correction would be necessary if you are looking to improve your paint’s look.

Once every 6 six months, it’s not a bad idea to use a product like Carpro Reload after a car wash. Using Reload is like giving the coating another added wear and tear layer. Does adding all these layers sound silly? It’s not really silly. Using Reload can take as little as 10 minutes. So for 10 minutes every 6 months you can rest assured that you are doing all you can to take care of your car’s aesthetics.

Even without ideal care, Opti-Coat Pro is very resilient. Here’s an example of a vehicle that was not ideally cared for yet after a year, it responded to water in a positive way.

Beyond using Carpro’s Reload, if you start getting a buildup of contaminants on the surface, you can treat it with Carpro’s IronX. This is a chemical decontamination process that does not have to take very long either. Worse case scenario, you may have to use mechanical abrasion(clay/autoscrub/polish) to repair the surface and there’s the chance that the coating would need to be reapplied.

The point is not that Opti-Coat is not worth the effort or money to have it installed. The point is that you should do your own research into how Opti-Coat would benefit you before you have it installed. I can personally attest to how well Opti-Coat Pro as well as other coatings perform even under a worst case scenario. I applied it to my shop truck and absolutely abused it for a year. At the end of the year, only the coated portions were easily corrected. The non-coated surfaces were trashed and took substantially more effort to restore. The coatings truly provided a sacrificial layer.

With a balanced view, thorough research and knowledge of proper maintenance, you can make an informed decision as to whether Opti-Coat Pro is a good long term solution for you and your car. If you’re located in or near Atlanta, GA. you can reach out to the Authorized Opti-Coat Pro installers at Detailed Designs Auto Spa. We have been installing Opti-Coat since 2010 and have been authorized Opti-Coat Pro installers since its release.